Workshops on programming quantum computers

We organize workshops on programming quantum computers in collaboration with QPoland and QWorld.

Our next "Workshop on programming quantum computers for juniors", will happen on 9-17.01.2021.

Previous workshops:

  1. "Workshop on programming quantum computers" organized within the QDrive project, 25-26.05.2019.

  2. "Quantum Computing and Programming Workshop" organized within the QChallenge initiative, 21-29.11.2020.

  3. "Quantum Computing and Programming Workshop for juniors", 9-17.01.2021.

  4. "Quantum Computing and Programming Workshop", 20-24.09.2021.

  5. "Quantum Computing and Programming Workshop" (joint workshop with QPoland and QIreland), 7-11.03.2022.

So far, we have handed out 191 diplomas!