Quantum Games Hackathon 2021

Create games using quantum technology

The aim of the hackathon is to popularize quantum computing and enhance innovations in the quantum computing domain. This event is organized by the Quantum AI Foundation in collaboration with members of QPoland. Feedback and questions: warsaw.quantum@gmail.com

Key features


Key dates

Judging criteria


Paweł Gora

Joanna Zabawa-Kalinowska 

Piotr Migdał

Piotr Gawron

Adam Glos

Kamil Handzel

Hackathon agenda (CEST timezone, UTC+2)

25.09.2021 (Saturday)

26.09.2021 (Sunday)

27.09-2.10.2021: Work on projects

3.10.2021 (Sunday)

Requirements for participation

All interested folks should register, provide the required data and accept our Regulations and the Code of Conduct.

In short:

Results of the "Quantum Games Hackathon 2021":

1st prize:

Team: Dodo Boys

Project: DaveTheHackerman_ZXgame

Github: https://github.com/VoicuTomut/DaveTheHackerman_ZXgame

2nd prize:

Team: QuantumT

Project: QuanTetrum

Github: https://github.com/darkknightgit/QuanTetrum

3rd prize:

Team: q5

Project: QG_Crusher

Github: https://github.com/prathameshbhole/QG_Crusher

Special prize (best JavaScript project):

Team: Qorsairs

Project: Quaze

Github: https://github.com/Qorsairs/Quaze

Congratulations to all the participants!


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