Quantum Games Hackathon 2022

Create games using quantum technology!

Results of the Quantum Games Hackathon 2022:

1st prize:
Team: "Quantum Lovers"
Project: "Verona-2049"

2nd prize:
Team: "Quantum Potatoes"
Project: "QodeUnlocked"

3rd prize and the Special Prize:
Team: "HackerGuys2000"
Project: "SNAQE"

We congratulate the awarded teams and all the participants! You've put a lot of effort, we hope you learned a lot, enjoyed the Hackathon and had good fun!

The goals of the Hackathon:

  1. Development of quantum games by participants.

  2. Enhancing innovations in the quantum computing domain.

  3. Increasing Hackathon participants' skills in the use and application of quantum mechanics, quantum computing and creative teamwork.

  4. Broadening technical horizons in the development of creative solutions to achieve positive social change.

  5. Popularizing quantum mechanics and quantum computing.

Key features

  • Games related to quantum mechanics & quantum computing

  • The default language is English

  • Worldwide, fully remote

  • Up to 100 participants

  • Teams up to 5 people

  • Open-source (MIT License)

  • Communication through Discord


  • 1st prize: 3600 PLN (gross)

  • 2nd prize: 2400 PLN (gross)

  • 3rd prize: 1800 PLN (gross)

  • Special prize (funded by Quantumz.io): 1000 PLN (gross)

Key dates (times in UTC+2)

  • Start of the registration

8 Sept 2022, 12:00

  • Registration deadline
    22 Sept 2022, 23:59

  • Talks and match-making
    24 Sept 2022, 12:00

  • Submission
    2 Oct 2022, 12:00

  • Announcement of winners

2 Oct 2022, 19:00

Judging criteria

  • Correctness
    Are the assumptions and usage of quantum mechanics and quantum computing appropriate?

  • Playability
    Is it entertaining? Does it have educational potential? Is the user interface inviting?

  • Originality
    How creative and innovative is the idea?

  • Quality and completeness
    Is the game polished and ready to play? Is the mechanics well introduced?


Kamil Hendzel

Oskar Słowik

Laura Piispanen

Shaeema Zaman

Aleksandra Lipińska

Daria Anttila

Klem Jankiewicz

Karol Bartkiewicz

Hackathon agenda (times in UTC+2):

24.09.2022 (Saturday)

  • 12:00: Start of the Hackathon, kick-off lecture (Paweł Gora)

  • 12:30: Presentation of the special prize topic (Quantumz.io)

  • 13:00-14:00: Match-making event

26.09.2022 (Monday)

  • 11:00: Quantum Game Development (Shaeema Zaman Ahmed)

27.09.2022 (Tuesday)

  • 12:00: Turning idea into innovation in 3 weeks: PFR School of Pioneers (Małgorzata Cichal)

28.09.2022 (Wednesday)

  • 12:00: Designing Quantum UX (Klem Jankiewicz)

2.10.2022 (Sunday)

  • 12:00: Deadline for submitting solutions

  • 19:00: Announcement of winners

Requirements for participation

All interested folks should register, provide the required data and accept our Regulations and the Code of Conduct.

In short:

  1. The contest is open to participants aged 18 or older. If you are interested, please register before 22.09.2022, 23:59 UTC+2 (the registration will be open on 8.09.2022, at 12:00 UTC+2).

  1. We expect a maximum of 100 participants, so we reserve the right to make a selection in the event of a large number of registrations.

  1. All invited people will receive an email will the details including the exact agenda and a link to the hackathon's Discord server. On the first day (24.09.2022), participants will be asked to form teams of 1 to 5 members (we strongly encourage to have at least 2 members).

  1. All teams will be asked to submit a link to a publicly available Git repository (e.g., on Github) with the code of their project (available under the MIT license) and with a video recording (up to 5 minutes) presenting their solution.

You can also check the website of the previous edition:
Quantum Games Hackathon 2021"


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