We offer 3 types of partnerships: Strategic Partner, Media Partner and Honorary Patron.

Strategic Partner is a company or institution which is our Supporter generously donating some amount for the Foundation's statutory activities.

Media Partner is a media institution supporting us in promoting our activities.

Honorary Partner is any other institution supporting our activities, e.g., by promoting them using their social media channels.

If you would like to become our partner, feel free to contact us:

Our Strategic Partners:

Snarto is a company working on optimizing logistics and interested in applying quantum computing technologies in its solutions. Snarto is working on a research project "SNARTO ITS" funded by the National Centre for Research and Development (project number: POIR.01.01.01-00-0332/20-00). The aim of this project is to develop an innovating IT platform managing in real-time delivery orders and fleets of vehicles, fulfilling the needs of the transport sector. The system will be composed of several modules optimizing operations and increasing profitability, and adjusting the system to the individual customer needs like price, time and a transport mean. The system will take the role of an automatic shipper managing the vehicles fleet efficiently.

Codec is a well-established company with 36 years of experience in the IT market and have completed hundreds of implementations in Europe. Codec Poland was established in 1995 and was a part of Codec Group (1985). Based in Warsaw with the financial analytical consultants team, Codec strives to provide its clients with continuous excellent service. Its experience started from OLAP systems based on mainframe systems. Within past 36 (26 in Poland) years, Codec delivered and implemented many consolidation, analytical, budgeting and Business Intelligence up to Business Performance Management solutions.