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We invite you to attend (online) Episode LVIII
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"Two-way quantum computers (2WQC) adding CPT analog of state preparation, in theory solving NP problems"

Jarosław Duda

9.05.2024, 18:00 CEST


While quantum computers use symmetric unitary evolution, they are currently designed assuming asymmetry: availability of |0> state preparation, but not of its symmetric counterpart <0|. In contrast, CPT symmetry required by modern physics suggests its realization: by using a process such that in CPT perspective it becomes the process used for the original state preparation. For example for silicon quantum dots, state preparation is the impulse of an electric field to tunnel electrons - just add the opposite impulse at the end, and from the perspective of CPT symmetry it becomes the original state preparation. The addition of such neglected <0| operation would allow for more symmetric two-way quantum computers: 2WQC upgrade of standard 1WQC, in theory being able to attack NP problems.

Jarosław Duda (Jarek Duda) is an assistant professor at Jagiellonian University. He holds degrees in computer science (PhD), mathematics (MSc) and physics (PhD). He is mainly focused on information theory, statistical analysis, and physics foundations, and is known for his introduction of asymmetric numeral systems.

The meeting is organized by the Quantum AI Foundation and QPoland.

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