Warsaw Quantum Computing Group

We invite you to attend (online) Episode LIII of Warsaw Quantum Computing Group meetups!

"Quantum Communications"

Magdalena Stobińska

16.11.2023, 18:00 UTC+1  


Recent years have brought unprecedented growth of quantum technologies. Numerous quantum networks, which hold the promise of unconditionally secure information exchange, are realized worldwide with optical fibers and satellites. They could constitute a basis for faster, more secure technologies. However, many of the technically advanced projects still do not keep pace with classical solutions, which have already achieved high technology readiness levels and are used worldwide.

The idea of hybrid quantum-classical technologies, especially in quantum communication, have been already noticed and such devices are being developed. However, up to date, the word “hybrid” is mostly related to data interfaces and system control. While it was fully understandable a few years ago, when quantum technologies were more limited by the hardware, it is now high time for quantum scientists to carefully study the achievements of classical cryptography, which has been dynamically developed since the dawn of computer science 60 years ago. Also, quantum technology has much to offer with new physical platforms that enable, e.g. generation of true randomness, and achieving security guaranteed by the laws of physics, while lowering energy consumption and increasing miniaturization.

In the lecture, I will show and compare quantum and classical solutions, their strengths, and weaknesses. We will discuss how to connect these two worlds and think about making the most profits from this marriage as well as how new hybrid devices should be developed in a truly open-minded and interdisciplinary way.


Professor at the University of Warsaw and head of the Quantum Information Technologies Research Group at the Faculty of MIM UW. She specializes in quantum information processing, ranging from communication and cryptography, through metrology, to quantum computations and algorithms. PI of many research projects, coordinator of the European Innovative Training Network "AppQInfo" bringing together 18 institutions under the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Actions (Horizon 2020). A graduate of the Leadership Academy for Poland. She was awarded scholarships from Alexander von Humboldt, Marie Curie, the Foundation for Polish Science and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for Outstanding Young Scientists, as well as the "Rzeczpospolita Cyfrowa" award. She serves on the board of the Quantum Alliance Initiative (USA). 

The meeting is organized by the Quantum AI Foundation.

Strategic Partners: Snarto, Cogit, Sonovero R&D