Episode XXVII

Episode XXVII of the Warsaw Quantum Computing Group meetings!

19.04.2021, 19:30 CET

Prof. Ahmed Younes

"Applications of using Partial Negation Operator on a Single Qubit"


Partial negation operator is a negation operator rooted to an arbitrary nth root. Partial negation has many applications in manipulating the information contents in a qubit, for example, data encoding which is useful in quantum machine learning, quantum image processing, quantum searching and many more. The partial negation operator can also be used to read the information contents of an unknown qubit system without using sharp measurement. Sharp measurement is an irreversible operation that will cause the superposition to collapse to one of the two possible states in a probabilistic way. This talk will discuss applications of using partial negation operator and will show a quantum algorithm to read the information contents of an unknown qubit without applying sharp measurement on that qubit and so the superposition will not collapse. A quantum feedback control scheme will be shown where sharp measurement will be applied iteratively on an auxiliary qubit weakly entangled with the unknown qubit.


Ahmed Younes is the Vice Dean of Education and Student Affairs, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University. Also, he is the Academic Supervisor of Faculty of Computers and Data Science, Alexandria University, Manager of the International Scientific Publishing Center, Alexandria University.

He is Professor of Computer Science (Quantum Computing) at Alexandria University and Honorary Research Fellow at School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. He is the founder and leader of Alexandria Quantum Computing Group (AleQCG). He obtained his PhD from University of Birmingham, United Kingdom in 2004. He introduced a new technique, now known as `Partial Diffusion Operator' in the field of amplitude amplification and made contributions in representing Quantum Boolean circuits as Reed-Muller logic. He published many papers in Quantum Algorithms, Quantum cryptography and Reversible Circuits.