Quantum Games Hackathon 2022

Create games using quantum technology! 

Results of the Quantum Games Hackathon 2022:

1st prize:
Team: "Quantum Lovers"
Project: "Verona-2049"
Github: https://github.com/HandyKurniawan/Verona-2049

2nd prize:
Team: "Quantum Potatoes"
Project: "QodeUnlocked"
Github: https://github.com/selindoga/Quantum-Game-Jam-2022

3rd prize and the Special Prize:
Team: "HackerGuys2000"
Project: "SNAQE"
Github: https://github.com/jacobmgardiner/QuantumSnake

We congratulate the awarded teams and all the participants! You've put a lot of effort, we hope you learned a lot, enjoyed the Hackathon and had good fun!

The goals of the Hackathon: 

Key features


Key dates (times in UTC+2)

8 Sept 2022, 12:00

2 Oct 2022, 19:00

Judging criteria


Kamil Hendzel

Oskar Słowik

Laura Piispanen

Shaeema Zaman

Aleksandra Lipińska

Daria Anttila

Klem Jankiewicz

Karol Bartkiewicz

Hackathon agenda (times in UTC+2):

24.09.2022 (Saturday)

26.09.2022 (Monday)

27.09.2022 (Tuesday)

28.09.2022 (Wednesday)

2.10.2022 (Sunday)

Requirements for participation

All interested folks should register, provide the required data and accept our Regulations and the Code of Conduct.

In short:

You can also check the websites of the previous edition: 
"Quantum Games Hackathon 2021"


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